Rent a car in Malaysia

Convenient car rentals in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bharu, and Penang for hassle-free travel.

Rent a car in Malaysia

Convenient car rentals in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bharu, and Penang for hassle-free travel.

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Experience new places of car rental with GoCar

Skip the car rental counter with GoCar Malaysia. Drive from only RM13.90/hour, with no KM restrictions

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Kuala Lumpur

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Johor Bahru

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Why Choose GoCar In Malaysia

Why choose GoCar?

With GoCar, you don’t have to rely on traditional sewa kereta services. Our car rental service is available 24/7 with a range of models to suit all your needs rent a car closest to you from your phone, and proceed with your booking.

GoCar - Your 24/7 car rental service. Drive by the minute or hour, day or night, for a flexible and convenient experience.

Available 24/7

Drive by minutes, hour or day

GoCar - Car rental made seamless with GoCar – Lock and unlock your car effortlessly through the user-friendly GoCar App.

Seamless Process

Lock & Unlock via GoCar App

GoCar - Cost-effective car rental with no extra charges for kilometers traveled. Explore without worrying about additional costs.

Cost Effective

No additional charges for kilometers travelled

GoCar - Beyond public transportation: Experience our alternative car rental service, offering a convenient and flexible travel experience beyond traditional public transportation.

Beyond Public Transportation

Alternative public transport service

Your 24/7 car rental service in

Unlimited Mileage

Enjoy worry-free journeys with us

Your 24/7 car rental service in

No Hidden Fees

Know exactly what you're paying

Your 24/7 car rental service in

Insurance Included

Drive at ease without worries

Your 24/7 car rental service in

Commitment Free

Pay for a car only when you need it.

Enjoy 50% OFF for the first 3 months of your subscription plan with GoCar Subs!
Drive flexibly today starting from RM899/month*.

GoCar Subscription

GoCar Garage Service Packages

We are delighted to announce the partnership with TotalEnergies, customers can service at partner GoCar Garages which officially offer TotalEnergies lubricants

  • Mineral Package
  • Premium Semi Package
  • Premium Full Package
  • Enduro



    • 4L Enduro Iridium
    • Oil filter
    • Drain plug washer
    • Labour charges

    ** Surcharge applies for additional engine oil (all cars) and original oil filter (continental cars)

  • TotalEnergies



    • 4L Total Quartz
    • Oil filter
    • Drain plug washer
    • Labour charges

    ** Surcharge applies for additional engine oil (all cars) and original oil filter (continental cars)

Latest Update

Have any questions?

GoCar Malaysia is a popular car sharing platform that allows its members to rent cars by the hour or day using the GoCar mobile app or website. Unlike traditional car rental services, GoCar works on a membership basis where all members are part of the car sharing community.

By following guidelines and treating the car as if it’s your own, you can help us keep our rates competitive.

To get started, simply register to become a member and #TakeGoCar today!

To become a GoCar member in Malaysia, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old & above.
  • You must have a valid driver's license.
  • You must have a credit/debit card.
  • You must have a Malaysian or Singaporean phone number.

For non-Malaysian residents must be 18 years old & above, you need to have a valid passport, an International Driving Permit (IDP), and a driving license issued from your country of origin.

Please note that GoCar reserves the right to decline applications that do not meet certain requirements, and you can refer to the Member Terms & Conditions for full details.

Booking a GoCar is easy and convenient:

  • Log in to your GoCar account on our app or mobile site
  • Choose your preferred date and time
  • Select a car
  • Make payment with your credit or debit card
  • Voila! Your reservation is confirmed, and you can view your trip summary in 'My Bookings'.

To ensure your safety, we have implemented the following protocols:

  • We have increased our scheduled maintenance on all cars.
  • Our ground staff have been trained with new hygiene and cleanliness protocols for routine maintenance and sanitization.

GoCar Garage is your all-in-one digital solution for car service and maintenance needs, available exclusively on Malaysia's top on-demand mobility platform, GoCar.

Getting your car serviced and maintained has never been easier with GoCar Garage.

  • Download and log in to the GoCar app, click on “Car Repair & Maintenance”
  • Select your preferred garage
  • Choose the service you need
  • Select your available service date & time
  • Voila! Your appointment is made, and you can view your appointment details in “My Bookings“.

If, for any reason, your selected garage is unable to accommodate you, don't worry. Wait for a representative to contact you with an alternative date and time. Then, simply cancel your original appointment and book a new one with the newly agreed details.

We offer three pit-stop service packages for your convenience, each including oil filter, drain washer, free car wash, and free basic sanitization. Choose from:

  • Mineral Package: with mineral engine oil
  • Semi Package: with semi-synthetic engine oil
  • Full Package: with fully synthetic engine oil

*Service package costs may vary if your vehicle needs more than 4 liters of engine oil.

At GoCar Garage, we offer a range of solutions that you'll appreciate, including:

  • Affordable servicing options with a choice of 3 quality engine oils.
  • 2 hours of free GoCar Sharing usage.
  • GoValet pick-up service for hassle-free servicing.
  • Trained technicians experienced in managing various makes and models.

GoValet is our hassle-free pick-up and drop-off service for car servicing, provided by our licensed partners at Bateriku.


  • After booking your GoCar Garage appointment via the GoCar app, proceed to select GoValet as an additional service.
  • Before the pick-up time, the app will send you an SMS reminder.
  • Our team will contact you before heading towards the pick-up address to ensure your availability when handing the car over.
  • Once our team arrives, an Appointment Letter will be shown by them as proof.
  • Our team will then complete the Inspection Checklist and get your sign off.


  • If any major changes are needed for the car, our team will inform you of the new return date/time.
  • Our team will contact you before leaving the garage, ensuring your availability to receive the car.
  • Our team will send the car to the customer's location, hand over the car to you, and get the sign off on the Inspection Checklist (Recipient section).

When using GoCar Garage, you get access to GoCar free of charge for 2 hours. Subsequent usage is chargeable. Here's how it works:

  • Once your GoCar Garage booking is confirmed, an email with a unique promo code for a FREE 2-hour usage of a GoCar will be sent to you via email.
  • Ensure to sign up as a GoCar member before your service appointment (up to 24 hours needed for new member sign up).
  • Book a “ROUND TRIP“ and select your booking date and time. Key in the promo code and start your trip.

GoCar Subs is the debt-free way to “own“ a car. Our car subscription service provides a hassle-free alternative to traditional car ownership.

Car subscription allows you to access a car of your choice by paying a monthly fee. At the end of your subscription term, you can choose to purchase the car, return it, or continue with another subscription.

Our car subscription service offers benefits that cater to consumers' fast-moving lifestyles, including:

  • Fast application assessment
  • No need for hire purchase loans
  • No long-term lock-ins or interest rates
  • No hefty down payments
  • No car depreciation concerns.

Our affordable all-inclusive fees cover access to the car, insurance, road tax, regular servicing fees, and 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance.

  • Sign up for a GoCar account and clicks “Subscription“
  • Choose a car
  • Click “subscribe“ and provide your details
  • Upload the required documents based on your subscription plan
  • You'll receive a status update within 24-48 hours
  • Make your payment - monthly subscriptions require a security deposit and a one-time fee, while 12-36 month subscriptions require a security deposit and first-month payment
  • Once payment is made, your car will be ready within 7-21 days depending on your subscription plan.

GoCar Subs is open to all Malaysian and international residents(T&C apply), including companies, who must be between 18 to 65 years old and possess a valid driving license.

GoCar Subs offers a streamlined pricing system with 8 categories of vehicles, making it easy for customers to select a car within their budget. Our categories and starting prices are as follows:

  • Econ: RM899
  • Sports: as listed on GoCar Subs website
  • Base: RM1,199
  • Plus: RM1,599
  • Exec: RM1,899
  • Work: RM2,099
  • Luxe: RM2,499
  • Electric: as listed on GoCar Subs website

*A mandatory CDW fee is applicable on top of the monthly payment.

With our new SWAP plan, subscribers who have committed to a period of 12 months or longer can swap their car up to twice a year, regardless of vehicle category, for a small fee of RM250 per swap.


  • Before swapping your current vehicle, it needs to be used for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Your security deposit and monthly charge will be changed accordingly.
  • This plan is not applicable to Weekly, Monthly & 6 Months subscription.

Subscribers are required to adhere to their subscription period as per contract.

If you’re unsure, it is best to select a shorter subscription period before renewing to a longer subscription term. In the case whereby early termination is needed, a penalty fee will be imposed, up to the remaining value of the contract term.

If you need any assistance, contact us at or contact us at 1800-18-8663 for assistance.

Yes, but the requirements vary depending on the following:

1. Weekly and Monthly Plans (short term plans):

  • Valid license accompanied by an English or Malay translation with the right driving class
  • Valid International Driver’s Permit
  • Valid Malaysian Driver’s License

*Your home country's driving license (not translated) will not be applicable.

2. 6/12/24/36 Months Plans (long term plans):

  • Valid International Driver’s Permit
  • Valid Malaysian Driver’s License.

GoEV is our newly launched electric vehicle service, available for GoCar Sharing - Round Trips where you pick up and drop off the car from the same location.

GoEV offers the renowned Nissan Leaf and Ora Good Cat where every day Malaysians can experience an electric vehicle.

  • Nissan leaf RM17.90/hour, daily RM163
  • Ora Good Cat RM23.90/hour, daily RM315

We currently have the Nissan Leaf and Ora Good Cat available.

The Nissan Leaf has been a global leader in electric mobility with more than 500,000 units sold worldwide since its launch. The Nissan Leaf is compact, 100% electric, and offers instant acceleration with a host of advanced features you'll be sure to appreciate.

The Ora Good Cat redefines electric mobility with its innovative design and cutting-edge technology. This stylish, 100% electric vehicle boasts impressive range, quick charging, and advanced safety features. Experience the future of driving with Ora Good Cat.

We are starting off in Klang Valley, and you can find the active zones directly on the GoCar mobile app.

Some of our partner locations include - Avenue K in KL City Centre, MyTown Shopping Centre Cheras, GoCar Petaling Jayaand more.

Click on Round Trips to view all the locations available.

Launch the GoCar mobile app now.

The distance that you can travel varies depending on a variety of factors, including road conditions, driving style and more.

Theoretically, a full charge for the Nissan Leaf should total approximately 311km based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC test method - combined cycle).

*Having said that, we strongly recommend ensuring to proactively charge your GoEV. Do not wait till the last minute.

Starting a GoEV trip is just like a normal GoCar Share booking. You can unlock the car 10 mins before your reservation.

Yes, all GoPocket Points will expire on 31st December every year, except for the GoPocket Points that are purchased via the app.

*You may refer to your app under 'GoPocket' to check how many points will expire.


1. Tap on the menu icon

2. Tap on GoPocket

3. Tap on Buy Points

4. Select one of the options

5. You’ll be redirected to make payment to complete your purchase

No. Rest assured that your remaining points are safely tucked in your GoPocket.

*However, if your GoPocket points are earned via refunds or reimbursements, do note that your points will expire by 31st December of the year.

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